My boyfriend is Japanese!


After meeting Taiki, I seriously felt the differences between us. I heard Japanese people took baths, but every single day? Taiki was somewhat repulsed when he noticed I don't wash my hair everyday. I tried to explain that it wasn't necessary and actually bad for hair. Right? Our hairdressers in the States say we could probably go for 4-5 days without a shampoo! Right??

 It took a bit to get used to feeling dirty/guilted into taking a bath whenever we visited his family's house. And actually, I'm still not sure how often Japanese bath water is changed..




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Hey there! We're Taiki and Andrea - a Japanese/American couple who love traveling and learning about other people and cultures. We've been to India, Thailand, Korea, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece and Italy (as well as the US and Japan of course!)

We started a blog to preserve our memories while encouraging and motivating others to travel or learn English!

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