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Went to Japan in 2013 to teach English and study Japanese. After living and working for a year, left to visit Taiki in Australia before returning to the States. After two months of home, packed up and returned to Melbourne to be with Taiki! Then explored Bali and made a pit stop back in Japan before a three month backpacking trip through Europe.

Favorite things: cookies, languages, TEDtalks, fantasy movies

2013年、日本に日本語を勉強しながら、英語の先生として働く。その後オーストラリアで生活。その後、 インドネシア、日本、ヨーロッパをふたりで旅する。


 Taiki was born in Tokyo, Japan.
After graduating high school, he started learning about nutritional science at school. He learned how to cook and what exactly "good food is". After that, Taiki worked at his parent's restaurant as a cook and worked at a hospital as a dietician for 2 years. Quitting his job, Taiki started his traveling to Okinawa, India, and the USA by himself. Then worked as a chef in Australia.

Favorite things: Cooking for someone, drawing, reading books, traveling, exercising.




About Us!

Hey there! We're Taiki and Andrea - a Japanese/American couple who love traveling and learning about other people and cultures. We've been to India, Thailand, Korea, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece and Italy (as well as the US and Japan of course!)

We started a blog to preserve our memories while encouraging and motivating others to travel or learn English!

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