Why I Wanted To Marry My Japanese Boyfriend


I've always wanted to get married. Most people start the daydreaming after hitting a certain age, right? Personally, I've never been one for sappy proposals or huge public gestures, but can be a romantic on occasion. Watching You've Got Mail can make me blubber uncontrollably.
Here are some of the actual reasons for choosing Taiki as the person I'm going to marry:
american girl marrying japanese boyfriend

We talk about everything. Even though we come from different backgrounds and languages, we talk about anything and everything. We can agree or disagree on things or ponder life's deepest questions together. There might be some speed bumps, but there's no stopping once we get going. And the big thing is: HE can really be the talkative one - even if we have a misunderstanding.

No lack of intrigue. There's really a heightened sense of curiosity because of our dramatic differences. "How do you say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in Japanese..?" 

Our physical differences. There's never been a moment when I haven't been outrageously attracted to him.

For better or worse, he keeps me on my toes. Although there's always positive support and reassurement, he challenges me to stay on track with personal growth. Like reminding me to dry my hair before sleeping, even if I'm feeling extra lazy. 

Reflection and keeping a pretty open mind. He's generally interested in Western gentleman standards and finding a middle ground that goes even beyond our two cultures. So I never have to worry about being more Japanese or American - just me. And the same for him. We can take certain qualities or habits from any culture. 

A source of motivation. I respect his character, his dreams, hard work, balance of optimism and realism, and love of life. He inspires me to be productive, never give into fear, and never be anything less than who I want to be. 

So, when we talked about the idea of getting married, it just made sense. It felt right. And it still does. Who wouldn't want to always be with their best friend, not having to worry about circumstance and distance? Ready to make it official!

Oh PS - his food is amazing!!

my japanese boyfriend baked a pizza




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