Leaving America To Live in Japan

Living in Japan had always been a dream - like being able to fly or kick ass like Buffy - so it was pretty surprising how quick it became reality.

American girl in japan
I was not letting go either.

After plenty of mental preparation, I put in my application to teach English and went through the interviews intensely motivated. Interviews are always nerve-racking but somehow adrenaline kicked in, providing seriously uncharacteristic confidence. I went from someone slightly unsure about what they want to say, to someone focused.

The power of goals.

Group of alts in japan
Meeting awesome people along the way doesn't hurt.!

But all throughout the process, there was constant resistance. Mom and dad had always been against the idea of me living abroad for fear of pretty much everything. Which is completely understandable, considering they're parents and me their child. But coming home from work to find printed articles about radiation on my desk and having every single conversation turned into an argument became difficult. So difficult, finally my older sister confronted me in tears. A little surreal that after living a parent-approved life for 24 years, it was unthinkable and irresponsible of me to want to chase one of my life goals. I've always been fairly successful on a sports team, never done drugs, got good grades, and graduated from college. I'm not helpless, but when my family members were expressing so much pain, I felt helpless. 

While that was one side of the equation, there was also this calm and comfort that everything was falling into place, because it really was. I passed my final interview after reading up online. There is literally so much information available nowadays. Really, if you're thinking about applying to a teaching job, there's just so many points of view and experiences posted online for all to see. Makes it that much easier. YouTube and googling "ALT Japan blog" yielded so many helpful results. Especially LaurenNIHON! :)

Once I got accepted, the company took care of finding an apartment, and I booked a ticket. Packed all my things into one suitcase and a backpack because I enjoy simple and lugging bags around isn't fun. Got to the airport, checked in, and it clicked when I sat down at the gate and was surrounded by Japanese people. It was real - I was leaving behind everything familiar to live in a country I've never even visited once before, but felt completely ready.




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