Finding Work After Traveling Abroad


After skiing near Venice, bathing in Budapest's hot springs, and exploring underground salt mines in Poland, job hunting back home poses somewhat of a motivational challenge. Especially because for the time being, money is the key driving factor. 

Taiki and I were awesome budgeting our trip, but with school loans on this side, my savings have almost completely disappeared. Reallyy uncomfortable. Getting a job - any job!! - as soon as possible is the immediate goal. One that fits into my career goals would be even better! 

So after reworking my resume about four or five times and sending it to at least three jobs everyday for almost two months now, it really sucks getting almost no bites. Even after hyping myself up for most of the jobs and writing unique cover letters, niente! 

Staying home everyday is not helping in the motivational department either. But exercise, studying, this blog, and an amazing friend offering freelance work have kept me fantastically occupied. So grateful.

But it'll happen - a job will come. I know it will (because it has to!). And when an offer comes, it'll be the right place at the right time.




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