The Worst, Most Disgusting Food in Japan


Japan's got plenty of strange food. Once you get past raw fish, there's raw fish babies, mini squid, fermented beans, fried chicken cartilage, etc.

While all of those sound equally disgusting, only one of them is just so gross that I just can't...ever again.

Kazunoko aka Herring Roe
kazunoko is gross
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Sure, it may look pretty harmless. Better than natto, right? The fact that it has such a deceiving appearance makes it all the more terrifying. Sometimes I've completely forgotten what it's called and ended up "challenging" another unknown fish at a sushi bar and disaster strikes.

Be careful, friends.

What gets me the most is the odd crunch. It reminds me of the raw liver I had in Korea, how it comes unexpectedly. Most sushi you order is melt in your mouth soft! So why, kazunoko? Why.

On top of the crunchy factor, it really has no taste to even back it up.

Even mini squid have a taste. 

Even little fish snacks have a taste to go along with their eyeballs that stare at you. 

What do you guys think is the worst food you've ever had in Japan??

dead fish snacks
Looks can be deceiving.




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